Hello! I’m Regan and this is my home on the web. Here you’ll find a random collection of things that I’ve created over the years as a software developer.

You can find me elsewhere on GitHub, Flickr, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Real-Time Geovisualization

December 2018

A real-time visualization of where videos are being loaded around the world.

Typoo Defender

February 2017

Learn to type slower in this game written for Jamyard, a two-day game jam themed after misspellings.


January–July 2014

A set of companion tools for Hearthstone including a card database, a deck tracker, game analytics, and more.

Monkey Spin

January–March 2011

An action-packed vertical side-scroller where the objective is to keep Bananas — the lovable, intrepid monkey — surfing on the vines for as long as possible.

Phoenix Rising

December 2010

Help the phoenix Arkayle in this puzzler written for the second iteration of the Game Prototype Challenge, a week-long game jam that took place between December 13, 2010 and December 20, 2010.



A simple content management system for (mostly) static sites. IrythiaCMS was originally written in the first quarter of 2007 to serve as a base for a couple high school projects.


Webpack and Rails

KW Ruby
March 20, 2018

Webpack has taken the world by storm, becoming the premier asset bundler for the web. Vadim and I give an overview of the tool and how it integrates with Rails 5.1 now that the latter has first-class support. We provide additional tips and tricks gleaned from experience in adding Webpack support to Vidyard’s core services.